Danica And I

Featuring Danica Smith And Dave Allen

Danica is my 17 year old Granddaughter. She loves to sing. She has a very sweet voice and when she joins me for a show the program name changes to "Danica and I".

Every time I would tell anyone about the show with Danica. I found myself saying Danica and I do this, Danica and I do that , So that became the name of the duet team.

Now if you ask Danica why her name is first in the title, and why I am, just an I? She will tell you it’s because she is the star of the show. It is, a lot of fun when she joins the program.

She has limited days to join me, as she is very active in school actives. If you want the "Danica and I " program let me know well in advance, and I will let you know what dates she has available.

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