Dave Allen

 While I have been an Entertainer for over 40 years performing magic, ventriloquism, and puppetry. It was my granddaughter Danica's love of music that started me singing for others.

Danica and her sister Erica stopped by for a visit, one day and heard me singing along with a gospel song that was playing on the TV. Danica was 4 and Erica was 6, they picked the song apart, wanting to know the meaning behind every line. They understood, at that young age there was deeper meaning to what was being said in the songs . Then every time my three Granddaughters, (Layla is the older sister to Danica and Erica) came over they would ask me to sing for them. I soon ran out of tapes to play.

So 10 years ago, I bought a guitar and two books on how to play, "Guitars for Dummies" and "Country and Blues Guitar For The Musically Hopeless". I taught myself to play a few chords. And I started playing and singing, an hour a day, so we would not run out of songs to sing.

I am thankful that the girls, brought the music into my life. For over 12 years I had to carry tanks of Oxygen with me, everywhere I went. I used the oxygen part time, but it alway had to be with me. This was due to an allergic reaction, that left my lungs damaged.

As a result of practicing an hour a day , My lungs became stronger to the point that, for the past 10 years, I no longer need the tanks.

I use to call my Granddaughters my "Baby Girls" now I call them, my “Special Angels”.


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