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For starters I would like to tell you a little bit about Danica.                                        

Danica is a 16  year old high school Jr. She will be 17 on Nov. 3rd.

Danica started singing with her grandfather at the ripe old age of five. Together they formed a team known as "Danica And I". They visit nursing homes within an 80 mile distance from their home base, of Clinton Ia. In an average year they visit over 60 homes and perform over one hundred shows. 

If you would like to learn how Danica got her grandpa “Dave Allen” started singing, giving Dave a special miracle In his life, click on the “About Dave” link to the left of this page.

While making music is a passion for Danica, it is not her only love. While in middle school Danica joined both, the school choir, and the drama departments. Each year there she was part of putting together some really fun plays. She was also picked to be part of the school’s talent contests. Each year she got to sing a solo number.

During the summer of 2012 Danica was accepted as an internship with the local professional summer stock theater. Thru this group she had fun performing in several plays. She also received valuable training in all parts of theater. She helped build sets, got to help make the costumes, work as a stage hand and much more. The group holds a talent show call “The Showboat Follies” this is a showcase of the performers individual talents. Danica was selected to perform a solo with her singing the song “Three Wooden Crosses”. As part of the follies several other performers asked Danica to do backup vocals with them so she was in that show, for a total of 4 performances. Danica has been with this group every summer since 2012.

Now it’s back to school. As a Jr at her high school Danica is once again keeping herself active. She is vice president of the Drama Club.  She is in the school chorus, and Acapella Choir.  excited to be learning how to sight read music, and leaning about what takes, for great harmonies. Added this year she is also the student council, she is in the speech club, (she has gone to all state two years in a row and hopping to make a third year as well.

As you can see Danica is a very busy young lady. She has a solo CD featuring Danica.


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